Lingual Braces

Patient demand for invisible, convenient and comfortable orthodontic care continues to grow. At the same time, orthodontic practices worldwide continue to search for appliance systems that can deliver predictable, effective and efficient treatment results.

Finally, there is a solution: The IncognitoTM Appliance System.
The Incognito System brings the option of lingual treatment to the next level. The customized brackets and robotically bent wires are engineered to work together to deliver the targeted result you define through a high-quality appliance system.

Plus, with enhanced patient comfort due to the low profile customized brackets, we can feel confident in recommending the Incognito System to all of our patients.

The IncognitoTM Appliance System was developed to redefine lingual treatment and to provide orthodontists with an efficient treatment option that succeeded where all other lingual treatments have fallen short, specifically in the areas of: patient comfort, finishing and bonding.

The Incognito System offers much more than just an improvement on what existed before. This landmark treatment system continues to evolve while it revolutionizes lingual orthodontics, setting new
standards for completely aesthetic orthodontic options and providing optimum treatment results for any patient.

Here at Tom Houlihan Orthodontics our top priority is giving you the best possible treatment to transform your smile and ensure you can enjoy healthier and more beautiful teeth.

Lingual braces offer the perfect discreet solution to patients who don’t want their treatment to be visible to the world when they smile. While traditional braces are attached to the front of the teeth and each bracket mass produced to fit the uniform shape of the tooth, Lingual braces have brackets which have been individually designed to fit the unique shape of the back of the teeth to ensure they are almost invisible when you smile, talk and eat so you can have complete confidence.