Fixed Metal Braces

When it comes to selecting the right brace for you, our patients are now spoilt for choice thanks to advances in modern dentistry continuing to introduce innovations.

However, despite all the choice available the traditional metal brace remains the most effective method of correcting misaligned, crooked and crowed teeth.
The dental landscape has come on leaps and bounds and wearing a metal brace now doesn’t have to be something to be self-conscious or worried about.

Typically treatment using a metal brace can take anything from nine to 24 months for a complete smile transformation to take place if supported by regular orthodontic checkups.

A further benefit metal braces offer is that they are comparatively more economical and stronger than some of the more discreet options, meaning they last for longer, work harder and are unlikely to break. What’s more, metal braces can be fitted to teeth of all ages.

Made from high grade stainless steel, today’s metal braces are compact, sleek and incredibly easy to wear – although it is true to say that like all other braces they do take users a little while to get to used to them.

Available in either a silver or gold finish each metal bracket is fitted with elastic rubber bands called ligatures which can be clear, or for the more adventurous wearer they can also be coloured.

So how do metal braces work?
Once fitted patients need a little bit of time to get used to the feeling of wearing a brace, but after a number of days most people find them comfortable.

From fitting, the wire and ligatures begin to apply gentle pressure on the teeth which encourages each tooth to be repositioned and in turn helps to create a straighter, healthier and more uniform smile.

Before selecting the right course of treatment for your teeth and lifestyle it’s vital you discuss your options with our team of highly trained and experienced clinicians. We will be able to offer you guidance on the best route to achieving your desired results.

The use of metal braces isn’t a quick fit and patients need to preserve with them at first, but the results that can be achieved are fantastic.