Read below what our patients are saying about their experience with us.

Lorna Barber

What an absolutely wonderful team! I was 25 getting my braces on and a little nervous because I was missing my incisors and had a massive gap between my front teeth! I asked for an American smile and I got absolutely perfect teeth. Braces , then followed by 2 implants ! Anna and Alma were so nice and friendly and genuinely supportive all throughout and Tom is a genius ! I felt so good about choosing them and it proved true! I would recommend them to anyone needing any work done!

Pat H.

I have known Tom Houlihan, personally and professionally, for over 30 years. He is a highly respected professional dentist and orthodontist and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. The service he provides is second to none.

Enzo F.
On the recommendation of Dr Tom Houlihan, I have used Invisalign treatment for less than 1 year. The results have been fantastic. I would recommend Tom Houlihan to anyone requiring orthodontic treatment. Thank you, Tom.
Paul O’Boyle
Five star service, efficient treatment and wonderful results. Would highly recommend.
Ronak Pathak
Perfect experience. I was amazed by the professional and friendly service. Extremely happy with the results. Many thank Dr Houlihan.
Elaine Dilloughery
At the age of 59, I decided to take the plunge and get braces.  My teeth were a little crooked, more or less acceptable for a woman of my age, or so I thought.  It looked as if my teeth got more crooked and I thought this is making me look older. I paid a visit to orthodontist Dr Tom Houlihan.
My children were now in their 20’s and I thought yes it’s ‘me’ time. I am approaching an end to the braces and I’m getting really excited at the idea of getting them off. I am completely transformed, and people constantly pay compliments as to how they admire me for making a decision to get braces. I couldn’t say enough about Dr Tom, he was superb in the way he motivated me throughout. The service he offered me, with the support of his team was unbelievable. So no matter the age it’s never too late to get braces!
Aoife Gallagher
I got braces as an adult and wore them for three years – I am delighted with the result.
Tom and all of the team are so attentive, friendly and obliging. Would highly recommend to anybody considering orthodontic treatment!